Third Baseman No. 4


Japanese name: 4番サード

(Yonban Sādo)

Genre Sports, Comedy
Author Gosho Aoyama
Publisher Shogakukan
Demographic Shönen
Magazine Shönen Sunday
Original run 1993
Volumes One-shot

Third Baseman No.4 (4番サード Yonban Sādo) is a one-shot manga created and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. It where also been appeared at Gosho Aoyama's Short Stories.

Plot Edit

Shigeo Nagashima (長嶋茂雄, Nagashima Shigeo) is a base ball player for his high school, but he is not a verry great player. One day he went to a mysterious shop where do he get a magical baseball bat that is actually verry magical. He become's the top player of his team tanks to that bats for the Kohnan team. What evenly he must gonna do is that the magical bat also is a money sent, Shigeo must gonna pay for every cost is he he make's all the time a perfect pitch. Well later they have a decided match aiganst an another school Ougane, what evenly happens then another person named Kazuhisa Inao (稲尾 和久, Inao Kazuhisa) hase also a magical baseball bat. But unlike Shigeo, Kazuha can effort this cost when he hits every pitch. The match started to become heavyer and evenly Shigeo lost his special yen. Later the Kohnan team wins and evenly Shigeo make's a end of it and evenly the magical shop make's a new victim on a young soccer player.

In other Media Edit

Shigeo and Kazuhisa made also an appearance in Detective Conan.

Influences Edit

Shigeo Nagashima and Kazuhisa Inao are both real life characters and great former base ball players in Japan. Shigeo Nagashima played for the Yomiuri Giants and he's also the manager of the Yomiuri Giants and Kazuhisa where as player for the Nishitetsu Lions from 1956 to 1969) and where manager by two teams Nishitetsu Lions/Taiheiyo Club Lions from 1970 to 1974 and Lotte Orions from 1984 to 1986