Sharon Vineyard
Img vermouth
Japanese name: ベルモット
English name: Sharon Vineyard
Age: Her true age is unknown
(29) Chris Vineyard(?) Sharon Vineyard
Occupation: Black Organization executive member

Rotten Apple (FBI)

This Woman (Gin)

Aliases Chris Vineyard
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
First appearance: Manga: File 239

Anime: Episode 176


Chapters: 88

Episodes: 18

Movies: 1

Openings: 12

Closings: 1

Keyhole number: Volume 26 (Chris Vineyard)

Volume 35 (Sharon Vineyard)

Japanese voice: Mami Koyama

Sharon Vineyard (シャロン・ヴィンヤード Sharon Binyaado), also known by her alias Chris Vineyard (クリス・ヴィンヤード Kurisu Binyaado), and as her Black Organization name Vermouth (ベルモット Berumotto), is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Sharon's background is very mysterious. She was friends with Yukiko Kudo back when they were acting together. However, she was even then secretly a member of the Black Organization. It is unknown for exactly how long she has been a member of the Organization, but it is known that she had been secretly living two lives through the art of disguise; that of herself and her supposed daughter, Chris Vineyard. After staging Sharon Vineyard's death, she now lives as "Chris" and continues to serve the Black Organization. At one point, some twenty years ago, she killed the parents of a little girl who would become the FBI agent Jodie Starling, one of her most bitter enemies.

Sharon entered the storyline some time after Shiho Miyano/Sherry/Ai Haibara's mysterious flight from the Organization. Her main objective was to track down and eliminate the 'traitor', and for that purpose she assumed the identity of doctor Tomoaki Araide. But although she managed to discover Shiho's reversion into a child, she did not succeed in killing her, as she met Conan Edogawa, who was able to discover and thwart her plans. She also encountered the FBI during this process.

Vermouth has great personal interest in Conan, constantly calling him "Silver Bullet". Since it has been revealed that she knows about Ai and Kudo's reversion to their child forms, she seems to know the shrinking effect the drug can have, but for reasons yet unrevealed she keeps this knowledge secret from the rest of the Organization.


At this point, Sharon seems very mysterious. She knows about Conan being Shinichi, as well as that Haibara is Sherry, yet she has kept this information a secret from the rest of the Organization.

It is frequently implied that Sharon does not approve with the Organization's plans and is willing to quit, but fears the consequences of doing so openly. She is frequently shown to hold hopes that Conan is the 'silver bullet' that will eventually stop the Organization. She also retains personal feelings for persons who have earned a special place in her heart, such as Shinichi/Conan (as the son of her best friend) and Ran (who had inadvertently saved her life during her and Shinichi's adventures in New York). As a result, she is highly unwilling to do them any harm even when she is ordered to do so.



Vermouth is able to mimic anyone's appearance and voice exactly with her disguise and acting skills even after observing them for only a short period of time. Vermouth frequently utilizes latex masks. Although she may have known how to disguise prior to meeting Toichi Kuroba, she studied disguise under him. Her disguise ability was first shown in The Mysterious Passenger where she dressed as a male waiter to tease Gin and Vodka.


Vermouth specializes in reconnaissance and infiltration, and has been shown to work very swiftly yet cautiously to rapidly acquire information. Her confidence and skill in disguise and imitation means she can execute bold plans that put her in very close contact with her targets and she can advance her plot even when they are suspicious of her. Without the aid of the other organization members, Vermouth successfully snuck into the Tokyo Metropolitan Police headquarters in order to steal the records of Kogoro Mouri's cases. She later returned them when presumably the surveillance would be even higher after the police noticed the files were missing. She then single-handedly staked out the FBI who were lured out into watching Kogoro Mouri and uncovered their numbers, addresses, and ways to contact them.


Vermouth is quite strong and has developed a high pain tolerance. While she was disguised as a serial killer in New York City, Vermouth athletically vaults up from a dead hanging positioning over the railing of the stairwell to higher ground despite being shot in the side. She also shoots herself in the leg in order to avoid the effects of 
Vermouthde8a279759ee3d6d3ba2854d43166d224e4ade03 - 副本
sleeping gas, and was able to limp to a phone booth on that shot leg, with several broken ribs caused by Akai, and with a deep scratch on her right shoulder when Jodie shot at her.  


As Vermouth pulled away in Jodie's car with broken ribs after her flak jacket absorbed a close range shotgun blast, she managed to aim a handgun backwards with her left hand using the side mirror while driving a car she wasn't used to and shoot Araide's car's gas tank standing 100 yards away, causing it to explode. Akai is impressed she managed that difficult shot with her battered body. Earlier however, she failed to draw fast enough to shoot Jodie or Akai; in the first case, the gun was shot out of her hand, in the second, Akai fired first.


For some reason, Vermouth does not appear to age. Her apparent age hasn’t changed since she murdered Jodie’s parents twenty years ago. Shuichi Akai proved that Vermouth was not wearing a mask when his shotgun fire grazed her face. Specifically, it hasn't been clarified if Vermouth hasn't aged over time or if she became younger all at once. It is also important to note that Vermouth's talent for disguise makes it difficult to figure out when Vermouth stopped aging or deaged.

Speculation about non-agingEdit

A popular theory on Vermouth's non-aging is that she used APTX 4869 to achieve her youthfulness, since this is the only known substance capable of producing such an effect. However, at present there are things that contradict such a notion. Vermouth would have faced near certain death if she had used APTX 4869. Before Vermouth discovered Haibara and Conan, the known members of the Black Organization (besides Sherry) only knew about APTX 4869's lethal effects, and it was considered deadly enough that Sherry's superiors employed it as an untraceable murder weapon. However, given that Vermouth has said depressing things over the course of the series, it is possible Vermouth took APTX 4869 hoping to commit suicide, but she de-aged instead, similar to Haibara's situation. Vermouth could have also gambled on taking APTX 4869 after she recognized the deaged Shiho and Shinichi and then discovered that APTX 4869 was the common connection between them and likely cause of their conditions. However, both the suicide scenario (if it occurred while Shiho was working on the drug) and the gambling scenario fail to explain why no one in the Black Organization has questioned why Vermouth has become younger, especially after Gin saw her true face following the Haunted Ship case, and then connected that with APTX 4869 use and Sherry's mysterious escape from
the handcuffs and locked room.

It is possible that Atsushi and Elena Miyano had something to do with Vermouth's de-aging/non-aging (e.g. Vermouth was their guinea pig). This might explain the personal animosity Vermouth feels towards the Miyanos and why she calls their APTX experiment foolish. Vermouth's de-aging/non-aging may be a result of something other than APTX 4869 that has not been mentioned yet. The existence of something else would explain why none of the other members of the Black Organization question why Vermouth has deaged or is not aging, yet do not suspect that APTX 4869 can also cause this effect and thus are unaware of the possibility Shiho de-aged to escape.

Reunion with the Black Organization (Manga: 238-242, Anime: 176-178)Edit

Conan and Haibara go to intercept an assassination by Pisco. They fail to stop the assassination, but Conan discovers that Pisco must be one of the suspects with a purple handkerchief. One of the suspects is Chris Vineyard, 29 year old American actress. Megure holds all the participants with a purple handkerchief for questioning, including Chris Vineyard. To help Pisco out, Chris gives Pisco her purple handkerchief. When Pisco returns to the room where Haibara is and confronts Conan, Conan suspects Pisco had help from someone else at the party, although he doesn’t know which person it is.

At the end of this case, Gin and Vodka pick up Chris Vineyard, and reveal that her codename is Vermouth. She flew over from America to help Pisco. Rather than fly back, Vermouth says she wants to stay in Japan for a while because she had “something unsettling in her mind”; probably Conan and Haibara whom she recognized as Shinichi and Shiho.

Vermouth takes the place of Tomoaki Araide, the nurse at Teitan elementary and high school sometime after this. Soon afterwards, the FBI who had followed her from America raid Araide’s office and see the pictures of Conan, Ran, and Sherry that Vermouth had tacked to her dartboard.

The exact time Vermouth replaced Araide was left unclear. At the earliest, Ran reported that Araide had already accepted the position of play director at the beginning of "Mistaken Detectives". It is also plausible Vermouth disguised as Araide prior to Desperate Revival. Jodie's reference pictures hidden behind her mirror include a photograph of Dr. Araide taken at the school play indicating that Araide was under investigation then. There are also copies of Vermouth's photographs, meaning Dr. Araide's office had been raided by the FBI and thus Vermouth was in disguise at the time. The mixed layering of the photos suggests they were acquired at around the same time. At the very latest, Vermouth was already in disguise when Jodie's introduction occured because Jodie had already raided Araide's office and seen the pictures tacked to Vermouth's dartboard.

Mistaken Detectives (Manga: 251, Anime: 188)Edit

It is revealed that Araide will substitute for the school drama’s Black Knight role who will kiss Ran.

The Desperate Revival (Manga: 255–257, Anime: 190-191)Edit

In Desperate Revival, Shinichi takes a temporary antidote, participates in a school play as the Black Knight, and solves a murder case that occurs during the performance. Dr. Araide was supposed to be the knight, but traded places with Shinichi who already knew the script. Dr. Araide sees Shinichi in his teenager grown form.

The Battle Game Trap (Manga: 270-272, Anime: 226-227)Edit

Jodie Starling, an FBI agent who is hunting Vermouth, makes her first appearance during a murder case at an arcade. At the end of the case, she tells a fellow agent that she found “rotten apple”, the FBI’s codename for Vermouth. She also calls Conan “Cool Guy”, the caption Vermouth wrote on Conan’s pictures meaning the FBI has already raided Araide’s office and seen them.

The Mysterious Passenger (Manga: 287-289, Anime: 230-231)Edit

At a bar after completing an assassination, Gin and Vodka are approached by Vermouth in a barman's disguise. Vodka is fooled, but Gin knows her instantly and is unamused. He asks if she has found what she was looking for in Japan yet, but Vermouth plays coy about her goal and flirts with Gin instead.

Conan, Haibara, Dr. Araide (Vermouth), Jodie, and Shuichi Akai are on a bus which gets hijacked. Haibara reveals she sensed Vermouth at the party in Reunion with the Black Organization, but doesn’t tell Conan Vermouth’s codename. Haibara senses Vermouth’s presence on the bus. Dr. Araide jumps into protecing Conan when one of the hijackers threatens to kill him. Vermouth steals the records of Kogoro Mouri's cases from the police department after the bus jack.

Sato’s marriage arrangement (Manga: 328-330, Anime: 253-254)Edit

Dr. Araide comes to a Japanese restaurant for an unknown reason. Akai is there too to investigate Vermouth. Conan, not suspecting Dr. Araide at this point, ruffles Araide’s hair, takes his glasses off, and uses his voice changer so the Araide’s silhouette looks like Wataru Takagi’s. Vermouth realizes the ploy and cooperates.

Clean Scent (Manga: 336, Anime: 269)Edit

Takagi tells Conan that Kogoro Mouri’s case records were stolen from police headquarters by someone after the bus jack then later returned. This is later revealed to be Vermouth who needed to get information on Araide’s case so she could testify at the trial properly. She also intended to lure the FBI out by getting them watch Mouri Kogoro’s office.

Time To Pick The Apple (Manga: 340, Anime: 272)Edit

467px-Vermouth dartboard
This is the first time the readers see Vermouth’s posterboard, although chronologically this scene occurred prior to this point in time sometime between Reunion with the Black Corps and the Battle Game Trap. She writes a somewhat teasing letter to Gin. She has pictures of Shiho with and X drawn though it, Conan with the caption “Cool Guy”, and Ran with the caption “Angel”.

The Hint That Was Against (Manga: 341, Anime: 277)Edit

Conan tells Agasa the case files stolen by Vermouth earlier were also returned. Conan is unsure of why.

Who are you? (Manga: 343, Anime: 278)Edit

Jodie has pictures of the pictures that Vermouth had with the exception of Shiho’s. The office had been broken into by FBI prior to this point in time. Jodie also added Dr. Araide, Shinichi in the prince outfit, and pictures of Teitan High School and Mouri Detective Agency.

Golden Apple Case (Manga: 350-354, Anime: 286-288)Edit

One year before the current timeline, Shinichi, Ran, and Yukiko visit New York city to see the Broadway production: "Golden Apple" after getting tickets from Sharon Vineyard, Vermouth's current persona. Sharon greets Yukiko disguised as police inspector Radish Redwood in order to keep Yukiko from getting a traffic ticket. Sharon talks with Yukiko a little about her troubled past, deaths in the family, Chris Vineyard, and learning disguise from Toichi Kuroba. Sharon, Yukiko, Shinichi, and Ran go backstage to meet with the actresses. Sharon gives Ran a handkerchief after she scrapes her arm knocking one of the actresses out of the way of a falling suit of armor. Sharon leaves after that saying she has something to take care of and she has a bad feeling about that night. After leaving Yukiko, Shinichi, and Ran at the theater, Sharon Vineyard disguises as a wanted silver-haired male serial killer to lure out Shuichi Akai and kill him. Vermouth underestimates Akai and he shoots her in the side. Vermouth escapes, but Akai continues to look for her. Vermouth hides in an empty building; however, she is discovered by Shinichi who went to retrieve the handkerchief Sharon gave to Ran. Ran goes to look for Shinichi after being told by Akai to leave because the serial killer was around. On the external stairwell several floors up, Ran comes face to face with Vermouth disguised as the silver-haired serial killer with Shinichi in hot pursuit from above. Vermouth prepares to kill Ran with a silenced handgun, but the railing she is leaning on breaks. Ran instinctively grabs Vermouth's arm to stop her from falling and with Shinichi's help Vermouth launches herself back up onto the stairwell. She demands to know why Shinichi and Ran saved her, and Shinichi answers: Is a reason necessary? I don't know why you would kill someone, but as for helping someone, a logical mind isn't needed, right?—Shinichi explaining to Vermouth disguised as the silver haired serial killer why he saved her, Manga Volume 35, File 4, pg 12Ran collapses and Vermouth levels her gun at Shinichi, but Shinichi warns her off as it is unsilenced and she will be caught if she fires. Shinichi carries Ran away, leaving Vermouth to contemplate the conversation.

Vermouth clears the stairwell and building of blood and fingerprints and later the body of the real silver haired man is found when the police arrive. The death was ruled a suicide but later Shinichi hypothesizes Vermouth sacrificed the man to cover her trail. Sharon and Yukiko talk the next day by phone while Sharon clutches her side in the precise place where the serial killer was shot. She asks Yukiko to tell Ran there was an angel for her. After this, Vermouth refers to Ran as "angel" and Shinichi/Conan as "silver bullet".

The Haunted House Mystery (Manga: 355, Anime: 274)Edit

Ran talks to Shinichi on the phone about the New York case, Sharon’s handkerchief, and the mysterious serial killer. Shinichi reveals he looked into the case and discovered the serial killer’s blood and fingerprints had all been wiped before the police arrived which makes no sense for someone committing suicide. He asked the local police to look into it, but nothing turned up.

Ran is treated at Araide clinic by “Dr. Araide” after collapsing. Vermouth still needs to give testimony at court on the Araide family murder case which was part of the reason she stole the records of Mouri’s case. Vermouth is having some difficulty keeping in character; one of her patients says Dr. Araide has been acting like a stranger. Also, Araide claims to have sent his grandmother and housekeeper Hikaru ahead to Aomori, which is strange because it was established in 235-236 that Araide didn't trust them (especially the maid) to take care of themselves.

White Snow, Black Shadow (Manga: 380, Anime: 309)Edit

One of Black Organization target Itakura’s diary entries reveals he had been corresponding with Vermouth about a year ago. The woman demanded Itakura complete a program he had stopped developing. Itakura questioned the woman angrily about “Who the hell she thinks she is?!” and she replied in English, "We can be both God and Devil since we are trying to raise the dead against the stream of time".

Much later on the Bell Tree Express it is confirmed that Vermouth was the woman on the other end of the line. Itakura was well known for doing visual effects for movies and had met Sharon Vineyard on sets. She disguised her voice and ordered a program from him. For uncertain reasons, he and Sharon later had a nasty falling out on a set and frequently argued after that.

Four Porsches (Manga: 420-422, Anime 338-339)Edit

Haibara is sick. Conan lies to Agasa about making a call to Dr. Araide saying he tied up with the court case. Later, a case occurs when Agasa and Conan take Haibara out to another clinic. Haibara gets worse during the case and Agasa calls Dr. Araide. Araide is surprised when Agasa mentions Conan’s supposed call, saying he has been in the office all day, but a call came in when he was in the bathroom. Conan lied about making the call, because he really didn't want Araide near Haibara. Agasa asks Araide to pick Haibara up because they are stuck in a case. Meanwhile Akai, who has Araide’s office bugged, contacts Jodie to intercept to keep Vermouth from being alone with Haibara.

Araide, Agasa, and Jodie go to Agasa’s house. Araide treats her while there and Jodie helps out. While they are there, Vermouth bugs Agasa’a house.

At the end of this case, Vermouth is seen later in her office with the dart board pouring herself a drink. She announces to herself that she has found Sherry and is coming for her. She takes Sherry's picture off the dartboard and burns it. Similar scenes with Vermouth in the office occurred much earlier chronologically than when shown in the chapters, but it unclear when this scene took place in the timeline.

Hidden Bathroom Secret (Manga: 423-425, Anime: 340-341)Edit

Vermouth is listening in on bugs that have been planted in the house to Conan and Agasa’s discussion about an architect friend of Professor Miyano’s. Conan knows about the bugs, but doesn’t remove them because he isn’t sure of the consequences might be. Later, Vermouth contacts Calvados and tells him to finish off someone.

Head to Head with the Black Organization (Manga: 429-434, Anime: 345)Edit

The Fullmoon Night and Black Banquet Trap (429)Edit

Vermouth sends a signed off-season Halloween party invitation to Kogoro Mouri and to Conan addressed for Shinichi Kudo challenging them to solve a murder on the ship. Conan asks Haibara who is still sick about the name Vermouth, and learns from her reaction that it is the codename of one of the Black Organization members.

Agasa’s house is still bugged and Conan takes advantage of that to manipulate Vermouth into believing he is going to go to the party. Conan knows at this time Vermouth wants to avoid catching him up in her plan to capture Sherry because of the events at New York in the Golden Apple case.

Gin has been ordered by the boss to look into Vermouth’s movements related to the Halloween party and tells Vodka to board the ship and investigate. He has no idea what Vermouth is doing but tells Vodka to kill her if she does anything weird even if she in the boss’s favorite.

The Haunted Ship Painted with Blood (430)Edit

Heiji Hattori disguised as Shinichi Kudo under a layer of bandages boards the ghost ship. Vodka in costume boards as well. A murder takes place on the ghost ship as Vermouth said. At Agasa's house, Conan has been disguised as Haibara by Yukiko Kudo, and he has locked the real Haibara in the basement to keep her safe. Conan doesn't know Heiji broke the lock. Dr. Araide calls Agasa’s, initiating her plan believing Haibara should now be alone, and the disguised Conan answers. Dr. Araide says he is coming to pick up Haibara because her cold doesn't seem to be getting any better. Conan agrees.

The Invisible Man Appears (431)Edit

Jodie, trying to protect Haibara after hearing the exchange on the phone through the bugs, picks up Conan disguised as Haibara before Dr. Araide can get there. Dr. Araide sees Jodie pulling away and he follows. Conan notices Dr. Araide is following. Unknown to all parties involved, Ran is hiding in Jodie's trunk.

Shinichi Kudo To The Rescue (432)Edit


During the car ride, Conan tells Jodie that he will trust her if she can force Dr Araide to reveal she is Vermouth.  Jodie agrees. Araide and Jodie arrive at the wharf. Dr. Araide stays in character and Jodie sets a trap for him using the story about the murder at Dr. Araide's house. Vermouth doesn't know the police and the murderer put together a false investigation to protect the maid Hikaru as she was the one who flipped the switch that caused the electrocution. Vermouth falls for the trap, Jodie tells the truth and Vermouth takes off the Araide mask.


The Truth Behind the Mask (433)Edit

The chapter opens with a flashback to twenty years ago when Vermouth killed Jodie's father who was in the FBI investigating her. After Vermouth killed Jodie's father she inadvertently handled Jodie’s father’s glasses barehanded which had fallen off of him and got her fingerprints on them. Unexpectedly, little Jodie came in and saw Vermouth holding the glasses. When Vermouth left after setting the house on fire, she didn't anticipate that Jodie left to get juice, taking her father’s glasses with her and thus preserving her fingerprint. After she discovered Jodie's corpse was not found in the house, Vermouth looked for the girl desperately in order to rectify her mistake, but Jodie had since been put into witness protection. The murder on the ghost ship was solved by Hattori Heiji and the murderer reveals someone named Vermouth forced him to commit the crime. The man who had resentment for the victim posted in a murder forum that he wanted to kill him. Someone named Vermouth had replied back and asked if he would be willing to kill the victim if Vermouth provided the technique and the tools to do so. The murderer refused, but then Vermouth mailed him pictures of him and his family, tapes of intercepted phone calls, and detailed notes of the his families' daily actions. The parcel came with a threat that if the man didn't carry out the murder or reported Vermouth to the police, he and his family would die. Vodka overhears this and presumably reports it to Gin who reports to the boss.

It is also revealed that Vermouth visited Araide clinic with only a cold intending to kill Araide and impersonate him. The FBI faked Araide and his family’s deaths by having doubles drive his car off the road in front of Vermouth’s car. Vermouth took advantage of the accident to replace Araide.

Jodie proceeds to ask Vermouth some questions which Vermouth doesn't answer. Jodie asks if Haibara and the woman in the Sherry's picture are the same person. She asks about Ran and Conan's pictures. Jodie also asks why Vermouth protected Conan during the bus jack case. She reveals that Sharon and Chris Vineyard are the same person and asks why Vermouth does not appear to age.

Jodie calls out for her fellow FBI agents to arrest Vermouth, but Vermouth had come to this spot ahead of time disguised as Jodie and had sent all the FBI agents waiting out in advance away. Instead Calvados, a sniper infatuated with Vermouth, is waiting instead and shoots Jodie. Vermouth prepares to kill Jodie when Conan kicks her gun away with a soccer ball and removes his Haibara disguise. The real Haibara also arrives after tracking Conan with the tracing glasses.

Rotten Apple (434)Edit

Conan, distracted by Haibara, is shot with his own stun-gun wristwatch. Vermouth prepares to kill Haibara, telling her "to blame your parents who took over this foolish research." At that moment Ran leaps out of Jodie's trunk and tackles Haibara to shield her from the bullets. Vermouth orders Calvados to stop shooting at Ran, and screams at "Angel" to move away from Haibara, but is unwilling to kill Ran because of her rescue during the case in New York.

Shuichi Akai sneaks up Calvados and disables him. Jodie moves out of the sniper's range and shoots Vermouth in the shoulder. Akai appears and surprises Vermouth. He
Conan threatens Vermouth
Conan demands Vermouth to take him to the boss.Added by DetectiveAnonymousproceeds to insult her by calling her a 'rotten apple' provoking Vermouth to shoot him, but Akai fires with his gun first and wounds Vermouth badly. Akai shows Jodie that the shotgun scared Vermouth's face, revealing that she isn't wearing a mask to hide her age. To escape, Vermouth kidnaps the unconscious Conan and while escaping from Jodie's car, shoots the gas tank of the remaining other car to prevent being followed.

She receives a text from the boss telling her, "It looks like I have given you too much freedom. Come back to my side, Vermouth." She replies to the boss's text and Conan records to sounds of the dialed number. Conan, who has woken up some time before, tells Vermouth to take him to the boss or he will transmit the boss's number. Vermouth escapes via sleeping gas and shooting herself in the leg to keep herself awake while Conan dozes off. She destroys the recorder Conan has with him, but he remembers the boss’s phone number by sound anyway. She leaves her coat on Conan to prevent him from getting cold. She calls Gin from a payphone and tells him to pick her up, saying she had been caught by Shuichi Akai and wounded by him. Gin asks her if she knows someone named Shinichi Kudo and she lies, saying she doesn't know. She leaves with the thought that Shinichi Kudo, since he could touch her heart, might be the Silver bullet that destroys the Black Organization.

Teitan High School's Ghost Story (Manga: 457-459, Anime: 361-362)Edit

The real Dr. Araide returns and helps with a school ghost mystery case. He seems to only know the basic details of the impersonation he was the victim of. Conan puzzles over why Vermouth disguised as Araide joined the primary/high school rather than a university when it is clear that Ai would have been too old to attend one. Araide seems surprised when Ran says he is nice and in the end he gets a call from Jodie. Araide says he is surprised how well liked the disguised Vermouth’s Araide was based on student/teacher testimony and asks Jodie if Vermouth is really a bad person. Jodie becomes exceedingly grumpy and yells at Araide.

Cellphone arcEdit

Several times, Conan involuntary recalls Vermouth dialing the boss while watching other people dialing their phones. The sound of the number being entered, Nanatsu no Ko, unconsciously makes him feel Vermouth's expression was sad and dear.

Black Organization versus FBI (Manga: 499-504, Anime: 425)Edit

Vermouth makes her first appearance since the confrontation with her prior in the back of Gin's Porsche when he and Rena meet to discuss the details of an upcoming assassination. The primary plan didn't involve Vermouth, instead Kir would lure the target, DJ, to sit on a bench where Chianti and Korn would snipe him. Chianti is very displeased that Vermouth is present, believing that she used Calvados' infatuation to use him in an irresponsible plan that got him killed. Vermouth teases Chianti by blowing her a kiss and wishing her good luck to spite her.
Chianti and Korn later comment to each other in private that they would like to kill Vermouth even though she is the boss's favorite. Vermouth sat in the back of Gin's car in the parking lot during this first plan and was shocked to see Conan and Jodie arrive in Agasa's car to to intercept the assassination. She says nothing to Gin and Vodka and instead wonders how Conan will manage.

The failure of the first plan due to Conan and Jodie's actions initiates the second plan. The Black Organization agents assemble in an abandoned building by the water to discuss the details: Vermouth on a motorbike, in disguise as an opponent of DJ, will crash in front of DJ's car. When DJ exits the car, Kir will come up from behind and shoot him. As the planning wrapped up, a certain comment from Kir prompts Vermouth to ask if she was a NOC, which Kir denies offhand.

The second plan was never executed because Kir was captured by the FBI on the way to the rendezvous point and Gin discovered the tracker on Kir's shoe that allowed Conan to overhear the plan. Gin contacts the boss who calls off the assassination and approves a new target: Kogoro Mouri whom Gin believes is the tracker's owner. Conan arrives just in time to block the snipers' shot, and Gin tells Chianti and Korn to kill him along with Kogoro. Vermouth objects to this assassination, pointing out he is heavily involved with the police. Gin asks her at gunpoint if there is something between her and Kogoro. Her reply "my, my, if there was, what would you do?", satisfies Gin enough to take his gun off of her, but not enough to call off the murder. Shuichi Akai's timely interference stops the assassination completely and the Black Organization retreats. In the car, Vermouth points out that it all seemed to be a trap by the FBI with Kogoro as the bait. This explanation seems to satisfy everyone but Gin who still has some residual suspicion of Kogoro.

Menu for Dinner (Manga: 554, Anime: 465)Edit

As part of the Organization mission to uncover the fate and whereabouts of their missing agent Kir who the FBI captured in the events of Organization vs. the FBI, Vermouth interrogates a kid present at Kir’s motorcycle wreck and subsequent capture and discovers Kir was injured and is most likely in a hospital. Acting on this intelligence, the Organization begins dispatching agents to search hospitals in secret.

Red versus Black (Manga: 595-609, Anime: 495-504)Edit

Vermouth was ordered by the boss to find and follow Akai's Chevrolet when the FBI were moving Kir in the three vans. To Gin's annoyance, she was late with her report because Akai parked far from the hospital. She later sneaks up on and examines Jodie Starling and James Black's reactions to the news that Akai died, seemingly in order to test if Akai's death was genuine. She thinks to herself that the remaining "silver bullet", Conan, is enough.

Thirteen Red Shirts (Manga: 700-704, Anime: 578-581)Edit

Sometime offscreen after Red versus Black, Vermouth was approached by Bourbon with a request. Bourbon didn't

Vermouth episode 581

initially believe Shuichi Akai was dead, so he had the idea to disguise as Akai to uncover the truth. He would approach Akai's close friends and colleagues and observe their reactions to him in order to see if Akai was dead. Bourbon asked Vermouth for her disguise assistance, and also made a promise to Vermouth, perhaps in exchange for her help. The boss approved their plan out of an abundance of caution, but Vermouth and Bourbon failed to tell Gin and the other members about it. Vermouth then disguised Bourbon as Akai with a large scar on his face. Their failing to inform the other Black Organization members of the plan backfires when Gin hears about "Akai" and attempts to have him assassinated. Vermouth pulls up in front of Gin as "Scar Akai" leaves the department store. She warns Gin not to shoot Scar Akai because he is Bourbon in disguise. She gives an affirmative when Gin asks if she had the boss's approval for this plan which they had failed to mention to him. She mentions the plan was an extra precaution to make sure Shuichi Akai was dead because the boss is a very cautious person.

Conan Edogawa Kidnapped (Manga: 800, Anime: 674)Edit


Vermouth called Bourbon while overlooking the traffic-accident aftermath of a case where Conan had been taken, hostage. Amuro then answered the call. Vermouth told Bourbon that had he had "gained some trust" and she hoped that he would keep the promise he made to her. At the time, Vermouth was alone on her motorbike observing from an overpass.

Bell Tree Arc (Manga: 818-824, Anime: 701-704)Edit

When Bourbon uncovered a video of Shiho Miyano that showed she was going to be on the Bell Tree Express, he reported it to Vermouth, who then reported it to Gin. When Vermouth called Gin to inform him of the video, he was pleased and confided that he was worried she might have been hiding sympathy for Shiho. She told him that was nonsense, and not to interfere with her plans until the train arrives at its final destination. Bourbon and Vermouth decided to team up in order to capture Shiho, however, 


although Bourbon wanted to capture Shiho alive, Vermouth intended to kill her and had altered Bourbon's plan without telling him. It was decided that Vermouth, who could impersonate Akai's voice, would don the Scar Akai disguise and use it to trick Masumi Sera so they could get her out of the way and intimidate Shiho into fleeing to part of the train where Bourbon lay in wait. Vermouth figured that Haibara would take an antidote and become Shiho to avoid revealing her deaged state, and she would then run away from her friends so they would not be in placed in danger. Strategically placed smoke canisters would simulate a fire in the back carriages of the train. The known pyrophobic, repeat-riding passengers in the second to last carriage, along with Bourbon yelling fire, would cause all the other passengers to evacuate forward while Shiho would run towards the back of the train. Bourbon would then confront her alone there, knock her out, move her to the luggage car, and detach it with a small bomb so a helicopter trailing the train could collect her alive. This would also stop the train from arriving at the final destination in Nagoya where Gin has planted a large amount of C-4 to blow the entire train up. Unbeknownst to Bourbon, Vermouth had modified his plan by filling the luggage car with leftover C-4 so she could detonate it as soon as Bourbon detached it and kill Shiho.

Vermouth and Bourbon follow their intended plans. Vermouth had bugged Agasa's room to keep abreast of what the Detective Boys were doing. Vermouth then intimidates Haibara by glaring at her in passing while disguised as Scar Akai and then sending her a threatening text message. Haibara, as expected, attempts to flee from her friends. What Vermouth did not anticipate was a murder taking place in the train leaving a vacant room for Shiho to hide in, that Conan, Yukiko, and Subaru Okiya were working together to foil the plan, and that Kaitou Kid was on-board scoping the train for an upcoming heist. Haibara goes to the empty room where Yukiko intercepts her and tells her of their own plan.

Meanwhile, Bourbon informs Vermouth when Masumi passed by alone so Vermouth in disguise as Scar Akai could intercept her and get her out of the way. On the way to get Masumi, Yukiko Kudo walks by and challenges Vermouth to a "battle of wits" where Vermouth would have to truly give up on Shiho forever if Conan outsmarted her on the train. Vermouth then confronts Masumi, knocks her out with a stun gun, and moves her to her room. Vermouth then mails Bourbon that she had "removed the obstacle, so the rest should go as planned".

Fearing Yukiko's plan, Vermouth looks up Yukiko's room on the passengers list and searches through her cabin.

She finds supplies that Yukiko seemed to be intending to use to disguise as Shiho and fake her death, so Vermouth throws them all out of the train. Yukiko then confronts Vermouth directly, and Vermouth rips off her Scar Akai mask. Vermouth expresses surprise that Yukiko was involved in the battle between Conan and the Black Organization, and Yukiko replies that she had involved herself. Yukiko then taunts Vermouth over her unaging
state, and that the great Sharon Vineyard was nothing more than makeup. Vermouth questions Yukiko about her plan and Yukiko teasingly reveals a few details such as Masumi being retrieved from Vermouth's room already. Yukiko returns to the topic of unaging, explaining that her side has an advantage over Vermouth because she does not want her unaging state revealed and has kept Conan's and Haibara's state a secret from her coworkers. Yukiko then draws the connection to Suguru Itakura, a CG artist who had worked with Sharon in some movies with visual effects. Yukiko explains that she learned from Conan that Vermouth had ordered some software from him, and she had heard that Sharon and he had uncharacteristically quarreled. Yukiko wonders if that is relevant to Vermouth's state and secret-keeping. Not wanting to continue with this line of questioning, Vermouth cuts Yukiko off by drawing her gun and revealing that she has seen through her "fruitcake of a plan". Vermouth explains how she knew Yukiko intended to disguise as Shiho and pretend to be killed, and she ruined it by throwing all the disguise materials out. When Yukiko gets a call from Conan, Vermouth takes the phone from Yukiko and answers it in her voice; Conan announces he can't find Haibara anywhere. Falsely thinking Conan was deceived, Vermouth hangs up and then explains her and Bourbon's plan to Yukiko. Vermouth activates the smoke canisters, and as predicted everyone flees to the front of the train to avoid the fire except for "Shiho", who is really Kaito Kid in disguise, who runs to the back of the train.
Bourbon confronts her there and forces the fake Shiho into the luggage car where she reveals that Vermouth had tricked Bourbon and planted bombs to kill her. Bourbon tries to get Shiho to leave with him, but Shiho shuts herself in, and Akai separates the train cars like Bourbon originally intended with a grenade. Hearing the explosion, Vermouth triggers her bombs to detonate and blows up the luggage car. Yukiko acts defeated and Vermouth leaves triumphant. Vermouth then quickly disguises herself as a woman with braids to avoid recognition when the train stops prematurely.

Vermouth realizes she had been tricked when she sees Haibara Ai draped over Agasa's shoulder and figures out Kaitou Kid had posed as Shiho Miyano and escaped the luggage car before it exploded. She also realizes Conan had feigned ignorance on the phone earlier so Yukiko could continue to hold her up. She mentally congratulates Yukiko for "excellent casting". Bourbon, who had seen the figure of Akai through the smoke, asks Vermouth if he can review the files on Akai's death again.

The key to solving the mystery (Manga: 827, Anime: 705)Edit

706-11 Bathtub Vermouth
After Bourbon and Conan finished solving a case, Vermouth is shown in the last scene talking to him while taking a bath. She asks how longer he plans to stay with Kogoro Mouri and notes that ever since Conan planted a bug on Kir's shoes, he has been wanting to monitor Kogoro's actions. Vermouth lies to Bourbon and keeps her promise to Yukiko about laying off Sherry by assuring him that they were able to "send Sherry to her grave". Bourbon replies how his interest has been piqued in 'Sleeping Kogoro' while thinking about Conan implying that he has deduced the secret behind the 'Sleeping Kogoro' act.

Targeting Jodie at the shrine (Manga: 850-852, Anime: 734)Edit

Trap87654356 (6)
Conan arranged a secret meeting with Jodie at a shrine. Vermouth and Amuro disguised in order to help Amuro eavesdrop on their discussion.

Raven ChaserEdit

In Movie 13: The Raven Chaser, Vermouth disguises as a brown-haired policeman in a dark suit with glasses to check on Irish's progress and the integrity of his disguise during the conference. After texting the boss outside the bathroom, she exits the building and leaves in Gin's Porsche 356A.

She is seen again disguising as a young brown-haired woman when trying to come closer to the believed serial killer but leaves as soon as she realizes he is not. Conan tracks her down in the underground parking lot and makes her reveal herself. She gives Conan essential information about an organization member named Irish and wishes him good luck when leaving. It is later revealed that she was the one who supervised the captured Matsumoto and provided him with comestibles. When the police find out about Matsumoto's remains, she informs Gin about it and leaves. Finally, she is briefly seen driving along the Highway when Gin's helicopter crashes, complimenting Conan's accomplishments and calling him again a "silver bullet".

Family HistoryEdit

In order to camouflage the fact that Sharon Vineyard and Chris Vineyard are the same person, Vermouth concocted personal histories for her real life cover roles in order to make them seem like different people. When Sharon and Chris Vineyard were revealed to be one and the same, at least part of the stated Vineyard family history was revealed to be a lie. It is unknown how much of the remainder is truthful, based on the truth, or outright fabrication because the primary source of the information is Vermouth herself who may have more to hide.

Little is known of Sharon Vineyard's mother and father. Sharon's parents were not actors, at least not well known ones, because Agasa called Chris Vineyard a second generation actress. According to Sharon's story, both her mother and father died in a fire on the day Sharon debuted on screen.

So far, Sharon Vineyard's age has not been given and nothing is known about her personal history before she became an actress. Even her fans knew little about her private life even after she became famous. Sharon said her road to stardom was very difficult and full of misfortune, prompting her to doubt the existence of God: "No angel has smiled upon me, not even once." Sharon became a star actress and, according to Shuichi Akai is best known for her work in the Golden Apple broadway play.

At some point, she married and gave birth to her daughter Chris Vineyard. Her husband later died of an unspecified illness the day after Sharon won an Oscar. While studying for an acting role approximately 20 years ago, Sharon learned disguise techniques from Toichi Kuroba alongside the aspiring young Japanese actress Yukiko Kudo. During their time together, Yukiko became Sharon's friend, and they have maintained contact with one another. Sharon later sent Yukiko three tickets to Golden Apple broadway production the year before she died. The cause of Sharon's death has not been revealed. Chris Vineyard meanwhile became a successful actress quickly by riding the coattails of her mother's fame. She began to make movies and give interviews to reporters only, but otherwise she never appeared publicly. The first day she came out into public was the day of her mother's funeral some time less than one year ago. A reporter who tried to question Chris asked where she went to school, whether she got along with her mother, who her father is, and if the rumored lover she has will appear at Sharon's funeral. Chris answered none of these, but the types of questions which were asked demonstrate the secrecy surrounding the Vineyard family history.

Sharon Vineyard and Chris apparently didn't get along; Sharon doesn't consider Chris to be her daughter.Sharon explained this by relaying a tale to Yukiko about Chris who disguised as Sharon's husband and then met with Sharon when she visited her husband's grave to lay flowers. Sharon did teach Chris the disguise techniques she learned from Toichi after Chris begged for them. One year prior to the current timeline, Sharon says she hasn't seen Chris in ten years and that she is currently hanging out with a "bad crowd" of people.

Jodie's discovery Chris Vineyard, Sharon Vineyard and Vermouth are the same personEdit

Jodie's father in the FBI was secretly investigating Vermouth twenty years before the current storyline. That is too
Chris with Veil.jpgvermouth
young for Chris Vineyard to be in disguise as she is only 29 currently and would be 9 at the time. After Vermouth killed Jodie's father she inadvertently handled Jodie’s father’s glasses barehanded which had fallen off of him and got her fingerprints on them. Unexpectedly, little Jodie came in and saw Vermouth holding the glasses. When Vermouth left after setting the house on fire, she didn't anticipate that Jodie left to get juice, taking her father’s glasses with her and thus preserving her fingerprint. After she discovered Jodie's corpse was not found in the house, Vermouth looked for the girl desperately in order to rectify her mistake, but Jodie had since been put into witness protection.

Jodie suspected Chris Vineyard of being Vermouth when she saw her at Sharon’s funeral. She somehow determined Chris Vineyard’s prints matched those of the glasses. Chris would have been too young to commit a crime 20 years ago, so later Jodie obtained Sharon’s fingerprints and matched those as well. All three matched, proving to Jodie that the three people were one and the same.

Conan's investigationEdit

Conan's discovery Vermouth disguised as Dr. AraideEdit

Conan suspects Pisco had help from another Black Organization member. He looks into Chris Vineyard and realizes that she is able to disguise herself and may be pretending to be someone close to him. Kogoro Mouri’s case records were stolen from the police department. Conan realizes Tomoaki Araide is Vermouth because Vermouth needed the files to testify at the trial properly while in disguise.

Vermouth and Dr Araide
Conan first suspects there is another Black Organization member who was present at the mourning party after considering how Pisco obtained another purple handkerchief which enabled him to leave the investigation. Conan didn't realize that this Black Organization member might be after him or Haibara until after the bus jack case when Haibara tells Conan there was definitely someone from the Organization on the bus. Conan's first suspect is Shuichi Akai whose behavior seemed suspicious. After he recognizes Akai in the P & A case, Conan shows sensitivity to the prospect of someone investigating them. Conan doesn't seem to suspect the person Vermouth has replaced, Dr. Araide, yet because he was willing to use his voice changer in front of him.

Conan gets his first tangible proof someone is investigating around him when Takagi informs Conan all the records of Kogoro's cases were stolen from the police station on the day of the bus hijack incident and later returned. He begins to wonder who the target is and suspects Akai may be behind the incident because of the timing. Conan also begins to suspect the English teacher Jodie Saintemillion and Dr. Araide as well because they were also on the bus. He isn't sure of the motive for taking the records although Conan wonders if someone is trying to lure him out or if the person returned the files because they already knew what Conan would do.

Conan's idea that Pisco had an accomplice among the other suspects has fully solidified. He has noticed one of the suspects who had a purple handkerchief, Chris Vineyard, hasn't appeared in public since that case, thus Conan believes Chris is the Black Organization accomplice. He asks Agasa to go onto Chris's fansite and gather information on her past, interests, and habits and Agasa's investigation corroborates with Conan's deduction.Conan is already aware that Chris Vineyard has disguise abilities and may be in disguise as someone around him.

At this point, Conan is still uncertain of Araide, Jodie, and Akai's allegiances. He learns from Ran that Shuichi Akai was seen with a man in an FBI jacket during the New York case, causing Conan to wonder if the FBI is in Japan for some reason or the Black Organization infiltrated the American law enforcement. Conan begins to take precautions around Dr. Araide and Jodie by lying to them in order to minimize contact and information they have about Haibara. However, Jodie and Dr. Araide both go over to Agasa's house and plant listening devices because Conan failed to communicate his suspicion and plans to Agasa.

By the time Conan gets the letter from Vermouth inviting him the off-season Halloween mystery party, he has realized that Vermouth is most likely Dr. Araide because Jodie wasn't in Mouri's case files when they were stolen, while Araide was. Vermouth needed the files to give proper testimony at the trial and to act correctly as Araide. Vermouth puts her plan to capture Haibara into action by calling Agasa's house as Dr. Araide saying he wants to take Haibara to a hospital because her cough hasn't gotten better. Conan is still unsure of Jodie's allegiance until she answers the door before Dr. Araide arrives. Jodie lies to "Haibara" (who is really Conan in disguise) saying that Dr. Araide's car has broken down and she has come in his place. Conan catches the lie and realizes that Jodie has been listening to the bugs as well and is acting to protect Haibara, meaning she is against Vermouth. Armed with this info, he asks Jodie to force the truth from Vermouth, and in return he will trust her.

Conan tells Jodie the true scenario of Dr. Araide's family murder case. Tomoaki Araide’s father, Yoshiteru Araide, was killed in his bathtub via electrocution. The murder was masterminded by Yoshiteru Araide's second wife, Yoko Araide. She caused a blackout to occur while she was supposedly on the phone, and during the ensuing darkness, snuck to the bathroom and put an electric shaver in the bathtub. She then crept back and asked the housemaid Hikaru Yasumoto to flip the circuit breaker, causing Yoshiteru Araide to be electrocuted. "Sleeping Kogoro", the police, and the criminal decided to create a false investigation record to protect the conscience of the maid Hikaru. Jodie used this to her advantage and forced Vermouth to reveal that she didn't know the true sequence of events.

Conan's discovery Chris Vineyard, Sharon Vineyard and Vermouth are the same personEdit

At the same time Shinichi and Ran were in New York City, Vermouth disguised as a silver-haired serial killer in order to lure out Shuichi Akai . Later, Conan suspected the serial killer may have been someone in disguise when he heard that the serial killer’s blood and fingerprints on the stair rails were cleaned up, an action uncharacteristic for someone intending to commit suicide. Sharon was the only person Conan knew about in the local area with high disguise abilities, so suspicion naturally fell onto her.

After Vermouth disguised as Araide, Conan deduced from the way Vermouth was behaving that she was trying to avoid involving Conan in her plan and was only targeting Haibara. Vermouth as Dr. Araide risked her life to protect Conan in the bus jack case and helped him out in Sato's matchup case. When Conan gets the letter from Vermouth inviting him the off-season Halloween mystery party, he realizes that Vermouth's intentions are to only trap Haibara and that Vermouth is trying to lure Conan to the party to avoid catching him up in her plan.

Conan who didn't exist a year ago has no reason to be “protected” by Vermouth. Conan deduces Vermouth must know his identity as Shinichi and the reason for her “protection” must have to do with something he did as Shinichi. However, Sharon was the only one Shinichi had a connection with, and she is apparently dead. Sharon’s daughter Chris has never met Shinichi and is estranged from Sharon Vineyard so she alone doesn't have an adequate motive to protect Shinichi. Also, it wouldn’t make sense for Chris Vineyard, who isn’t a family friend like Sharon, to be able to recognize Shinichi as Conan; presumably Vermouth saw young Shinichi with Yukiko when she was Sharon.

All these clues come together when Conan makes the assumption that Sharon Vineyard is Chris Vineyard who disguised as the silver haired serial killer in New York and that she is grateful for being rescued by Shinichi and Ran.

List of disguises usedEdit

Vermouth has used many disguises over the course of the series. These are the known ones used so far.


Vermouth's true ageEdit

Vermouth's age is unknown because her history is largely unclear. We know she has lived as Chris who is 29, and as Sharon whose age is unknown. Her face when she killed Jodie's father 20 years was youthful, suggesting she is currently at least 40 years old as long as no deaging has occurred.

Vermouth did not use APTX 4869Edit

A popular theory on Vermouth's non-aging is that she used APTX 4869 to achieve her youthfulness since this is the only known substance capable of producing such an effect (Silver Bullet's effects are unknown at this point). However, at present there are things that contradict such a notion. Vermouth would have faced near certain death if she had used APTX 4869. Before Vermouth discovered Haibara and Conan, the known members of the Black Organization (besides Sherry) only knew about APTX 4869's lethal effects, and it was considered deadly enough that Sherry's superiors employed it as an untraceable murder weapon. However, given that Vermouth has said depressing things over the course of the series, it is possible Vermouth took APTX 4869 hoping to commit suicide, but she de-aged instead, similar to Haibara's situation. Vermouth could have also gambled on taking APTX 4869 after she recognized the deaged Shiho and Shinichi and then discovered that APTX 4869 was the common connection between them and likely cause of their conditions. However, both the suicide scenario (if it occurred while Shiho was working on the drug) and the gambling scenario fail to explain why no one in the Black Organization has questioned why Vermouth has become younger, especially after Gin saw her true face following the Haunted Ship case, and then connected that with APTX 4869 use and Sherry's mysterious escape from the handcuffs and locked room.
It is possible that Atsushi and Elena Miyano had something to do with Vermouth's de-aging/non-aging (e.g. Vermouth was their guinea pig). This might explain the personal animosity Vermouth feels towards the Miyanos and why she calls their APTX experiment foolish.

Vermouth's de-aging/non-aging may be a result of a project older than Shiho's APTX 4869, like her parents' Silver Bullet, or something else even older than that. This would explain why none of the other members of the Black Organization suspect that APTX 4869 can also cause this effect and thus are unaware of the possibility Shiho de-aged to escape.

Relationships analysisEdit

Family & FriendsEdit

Yukiko KudoEdit

Vermouth, as her alias Sharon Vineyard and Yukiko had a friendly relationship between the time they met under Toichi Kuroba's tutelage until the time Sharon "died". Yukiko had no idea Sharon was leading a double life as an operative in the Black Organization. Yukiko and Sharon seemed to have kept in contact with one another because Yukiko and Sharon both know about events in each others' lives that occurred after Toichi's lessons. Sharon was the one who got tickets for Yukiko, Shinichi, and Ran to the Golden Apple play on Broadway in New York City one year prior to the current time line. Yukiko attended Sharon's funeral. Later, Yukiko sadly accepts Conan's deduction that Sharon and Chris are the same person and a member of the Black Organization.

Black OrganizationEdit


Vermouth and Gin are or were in a sexual relationship with one another. They get along well enough on missions, but Gin does not like Vermouth's habit of keeping secrets or her teasing. Before the events of the showdown on the ghost ship, Vermouth and Gin trusted one another, but some of Gin's trust may have disappeared as Vermouth failed to inform even the boss of her intentions. Gin doesn't mind threatening her with bodily harm, he nearly stabbed her through the head with an icepick on one occasion when she teased him disguised as a waiter, and he later pointed his gun at her when asking how she was connected with Kogoro. She doesn't seem especially bothered by any of these threats however. Because Vermouth is a high ranking member and the boss's favorite, she isn't scared of provoking the other agents, not even Gin who is extremely dangerous and sensitive. She smiled after moving her head to avoid Gin's deadly sweep with an icepick telling him that "She was just joking" which shows that she enjoys teasing him.


Vermouth and Sherry have some connection, although it has not been elaborated on. Vermouth appears to dislike the research the Miyanos engaged in, calling it foolish. Shiho fears Vermouth more than most other members except perhaps Gin. Shiho was Vermouth's target, but Vermouth gave up on her after Conan's intervention. If Shiho was in a romantic relationship with Gin, then Vermouth and Shiho were love rivals as Vermouth was in a sexual relationship with Gin. During the Bell Tree Express arc, Vermouth tries to use C4 explosives to kill Sherry without telling anyone about the plan, while Bourbon wanted to take her back alive hinting at an abnormal hatred towards her.


Calvados was in love with Vermouth, and Vermouth took advantage of his feelings and used him. Vermouth called on Calvados to aid her in disposing with Jodie and capturing Haibara at the shipping yards. After Akai got the best of Calvados and Vermouth, she chose to run away, leaving him at the mercy of the FBI. Calvados chose to commit suicide rather than be caught.

Chianti and KornEdit

Chianti and Korn both hate Vermouth because they believe that Vermouth took advantage of Calvados' feelings for her and used him, leading him to his death. Chianti has been more vocal with her hatred than Korn.


Although Vermouth and Pisco are executive members, Vermouth dislikes and looks down on Pisco despite cooperating with him.


Amuro worked with Vermouth on a plan to determine if Shuichi Akai was really dead. She made masks that looked like Akai's face with a scar for him so he could approach Akai's friends and colleagues to see their reactions to him. She also interfered with his plans to capture Sherry alive by rigging the location Amuro intended to trap Sherry in with explosives to kill her.

Law enforcementEdit

Jodie StarlingEdit

Jodie Starling has a bitter hatred for Vermouth because Vermouth murdered her father, but Vermouth doesn't have any particular animosity for Jodie beyond her being a skilled FBI adversary whom she would like to kill. Jodie thinks Vermouth is an entirely evil person. Vermouth was extremely well liked and kind to students a
nd patients while disguised as Tomoaki Araide, so when the real Araide wonders if Vermouth is really a bad person, Jodie takes offense and angrily yells at him, "How can someone be a good person if she kills people with a smile!?"

20 years before the current timeline, Vermouth goes to the house of Jodie's father, an FBI agent, and kills him. An eight to nine year old Jodie Starling walks in while Vermouth was trying to put his glasses back on his body and thinks her father is asleep. Vermouth tells her that she should wait for her father to wake up. When the girl asks her who is she, Vermouth replies "A secret makes a woman, woman". Vermouth burns the house down, thinking Jodie stayed behind and was killed as well. However, the girl goes out of the house to buy orange juice for her father, narrowly escaping death. She also takes her father's glasses with her, preserving the fingerprints Vermouth left on them. When Vermouth finds out Jodie's body was not in the house, she looks for her to kill her, but the FBI enrolled her in witness protection. Jodie later becomes an FBI agent in order to find her father's killer.

Shuichi AkaiEdit

Vermouth and Akai don't have much personal animosity for each other in particular despite the fact that they have been hunting one another for some time. Vermouth regards Akai as a "silver bullet": someone with the potential to destroy the Black Organization. In accordance with this assessment, she attacks him immediately and preferentially in the confrontation with her at the docks. Akai seems to hit a nerve when he called her a rotten apple, wilted on the inside.


She suspected Kir is a member of the CIA though she didn't tell anyone about it.


Shinichi KudoEdit

After Shinichi helped Ran save Vermouth's life in New York while she was disguised as a serial killer, she nicknames him "Cool guy". Later in the series, after Conan successfully interfered with Vermouth's plan of killing Haibara, then almost forced her to surrender and take him to find the boss, she gives him another nickname - "Silver bullet" - as she believes that he has the potential to destroy the Black Organization, because he could touch her heart. Generally, Vermouth tries to protect Shinichi when she is able to, even if it means risking her own life. Although Shinichi found out later that he unknowingly rescued Vermouth in New York City and that Vermouth was a friend of Yukiko's, Shinichi doesn't understand why Vermouth would make the promise to give up on hunting Sherry and not inform the Black Organization about Haibara and himself.

Ran MouriEdit

After Ran saved Vermouth's life in New York City, Vermouth nicknames Ran "Angel". Earlier, Vermouth, as her Sharon Vineyard role, complained that her life was a series of misfortunes and, "No angel has smiled upon me, not even once."] Even though Vermouth in disguise prepared to kill Ran later, Ran stopped Vermouth from taking a fatal fall. Vermouth was touched by this act of kindness. Much later in the story when Ran shielded Haibara from gunfire with her body, Vermouth refused to shoot Ran or allow her to be shot, instead firing around her in an attempt to frighten Ran into releasing Haibara. Although Ran does not know who Vermouth really is, she values the handkerchief that Sharon Vineyard gave her back in New York.

Name originEdit

Vineyard is a plantation of grape-bearing vines. Vermouth is a type of flavored fortified wine, which follows the pattern of wine based codenames for women in the Black Organization.


A secret makes a woman, woman.

— Vermouth's motto

Two silver bullets aren't needed. Only one is enough.

— Thinking about Conan after hearing the news of Akai's death.

No angel has ever smiled upon me. Not even once.

— Episode 286, Speaking to Yukiko and Ran about how Sharon's life has been unfortunate.

We can be both of God and the Devil. Since we're trying to raise the dead against the stream of time.

— V37-8 pg11, Speaking to Suguru Itakura over the phone when he demanded to know who Vermouth thought she was.

Well if you must blame someone, blame a God that set this up for you.

— Episode 288, Vermouth in disguise as the serial killer speaking to Ran in preparation to kill her in New York City

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