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Chapter: 587
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title: Tama
Total Pages: 16
Series Part: 4
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Conan and Heiji are returninh back to the house and evenly there are telling about the burning footprints there on the top of the cliff. Heiji then explains it all and says that the Demon Dog where running through. But Kogorö where not fully believe the story and evenly where saying that maybe a person that make's a bezine and then light up flames did it to make it a real story that there whas a demon dog. Conan explains then later about how and what there's happened at the top of the cliff, evenly he where saying that there where no sence of oil. Later what happens the Demon Dog storie where comming forwards and evenly later Heiji and Conan where saying that it where a trick. Later Inspector Yamamura appears with his stupid behaivior. Well evenly the names of the 4 familly member where been appeared.

*Inubushi Miyuki (28 years old): Adopted daughter of the Inubushi Familly
  *Inubushi Takako (47 years old): Adopted daughter of the Inubushi Familly
  *Inubushi Tomoaki (42 years old): Adopted son of the Inubushi Familly
  *Inubushi Yoshiya (34 years old): Adopted son of the Inubushi Familly

Later what happens is only some quick questions what happens when Takako where asking about that Kogorö is not a police inspector but later he tell his name and they where all looking surprising. They where arguing about Shinichi-san's death and evenly Heiji tells the story about what happened to Shinichi-san, that there where a Sphere fall down out of his mouth. They all looked suprised aigan what happened. Later what happens is that it where not a dying message about the pearl saying through Kogorö mouth. Later Kazuha where talking about that the Demon Dog where left a Pearl behind next to his grave. Evenly they saw it and then Conan ask if they took it but Ran where thinking that it where for a offering. Later Conan and co. where going off to see the sphere, later what happens is that they where arriving there but it is just an ordinary ball. What furtherwise happens is that Ran and Kazuha must gonna help the dog of one of the familly members, only some rice leftovers they where given to the dog that's Miyuki favrot. The dog called Hachi. The Dog started to yell and evenly later what happens is that the Demon Dog appeared and evenly where following his way through Ran and Kazuha.